June 20, 2022 - Go Train Hits SUV

Metrolinks posted a video on their Twitter account. The video shows a black SUV approach a rail crossing as the warning lights are flashing and the gate comes down. The vehicle stops behind the gate momentarily, but then attempts to drive around it. Suddenly the driver glimpses the approaching train and stops. Seconds later the GO Train smashes into the vehicle’s passenger’s side, pushing it out of view.

No matter what safety features are implemented at grade crossings there is still no solution for driver stupidity. See the video here

May 2, 2022 - Gritt Koehl Announces Campaign to run for Mayor of Alnwick/Haldimand

On Monday, May 2, 2022 Gritt Koehl filed nomination papers at Town Hall indicating her intention to run for the position of Mayor in the October 24, 2022 Municipal election. As part of her announcement Gritt indicated that she would continue to provide residents with relevant information about Municipal business on her ABC-Activism Facebook page while campaigning. 
AH Website picture
As part of her announcement she provided the the following contact information for A/H residents if they wished to reach out to her.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cell:  905-396-2392

April 8, 2022 - Brighton Appoints Gene Thompson to Fire Chief Position

The Municipality of Brighton has hired long time Fire Services Professional, Gene Thompson. Gene has more than 35 years of experience in the Fire Service at local municipalities, most recently as Deputy Chief/Acting Fire Chief/CEMC for the Town of Cobourg. Chief Thompson has a diverse background in industrial, commercial, and residential firefighting as well as strong administrative management skills.

April 7, 2022 - Ontario Federation of Agriculture - The Meaning Of 175 Acres

Ontario is losing an average of 175 acres of farmland to urban development every day. The article below was prepared by the Ontario Federation Of Agriculture in order to put this loss in context. 
What does 175 acres actually mean?

March 25, 2022 - Frank Magazine Article Re Sean McAdam and Landlab Inc Chelsea Project

An editorial was published in Frank Magazine on May 1, 2021. Frank Magazine ( is a satirical magazine that is published in Ottawa, Ontario with support from the Canadian Periodical Fund. The article is challenging what is happening with respect to the evolution of Sean McAdam's Hendrick Farm project in Chelsea Quebec. Note the email from a disgruntled resident and Sean McAdam's blunt reply. It should serve as a cautionary tale when reviewing McAdam's development proposals for Lakeport Beach.
Frank Magazine Article About Sean McAdam's Hendrick Farm Project

December 10, 2021 - Robert Washburn Interview With Northumberland County Planning Manager

Within the next 30 years or sooner, Northumberland County could grow to 122,000 people from the current level of about 85,000. As part of his 'Consider This" blog Robert Washburn interviewed Dwayne Campbell. Dwayne is the Manager of Planning for Northumberland County. In the interview Dwayne talks about how the County is planning to deal with growth while protecting all the natural features in the area. It is a realistic approach to growth and should be required listening for all residents of Northumberland County.

This is a link to an edited version of the recording 

Here is a link to the full version Robert Washburn Interview with Dwayne Campbell

December 6, 2021 - Cramahe Announces Appointment of Chris Curwin as Manager of Parks, Recreation and Facilities

It was annouced that Chris Curwin was hired as Cramahe's Manager of Parks, Recreation and Facilities. Curwin has previously worked more than 10 years in recreation. He has a Parks & Recreation Management Certificate, and is a certified ice technician and Canada-certified playground inspector.

November 25, 2021 - Landlab Inc Request for Delegation Status Re Lakeport Beach Proposal

Landlab Inc (Fred Brisco) made a request to be put on the Alnwick/Haldimand Planning Meeting agenda for November 25, 2021 as a delegation. After spotting this on the agenda Gritt Koehl wrote to Staff and Council alerting them to the fact that this was not allowed by the Procedural Bylaws of Alnwick/Haldimand. The correspondence on this issue is available here Correspondence Regarding Landlab Delegation Request

October 4, 2021 - Presentation to Alnwick/Haldimand Library Board Re: Budget/Financial Issues

Gritt Koehl did a comprehensive review of issues with respect to the Alnwick/Haldimand Library budget and financial information. Her presentation to the A/H Library Board on October 4, 2021 lays out a number of concerns with respect to library financials. Details of the presentation are available here 2021-10-04 Presentation to AHLB

September 23, 2021 - Cobourg Sand & Gravel Application for Severance Deferred by A/H Council

Application AH 15/2021 by 2554163 Ontario Inc (Cobourg Sand & Gravel) to sever a parcel of land for lot addition purposes in Part of Lot 32, Concession 9 Geographic Township of Haldimand was deferred. Details are available here Planning Application AH 15/2021

September 2, 2021 - A/H Council Denies Landlab Inc Request for Minister's Zoning Order

In a recorded vote, Alnwick/Haldimand Council said NO to Landlab Inc's request that Council support an MZO application to the Province. See details here

September 2, 2021 - Landlab Inc. Requests That A/H Council Ask For Minister’s Zoning Order

Landlab Inc. has put forward a proposal for an 800 unit urban subdivision on 120 acres on Lake Ontario shoreline in middle of an active farming zone with no urban infrastructure or public services in the area. The proposal violates all of the regulations at the provincial, county and municipal levels that are in place to protect and preserve agricultural and natural heritage systems in A/H. To get around this Landlab Inc is requesting Alnwick/Haldimand to ask for a Minister's Zoning Order. See details here

August 6, 2021 - Cramahe Appoints Donald Butwell As Chief Building Official

Cramahe has announced that Donald Butwell will assume the position of Chief Building Official effective August 13th, 2021. He will oversee the issuing of building permits and inspections throughout the municipality.
Mr. Butwell has nearly 30 years of experience in the construction industry and has worked on every aspect of residential buildings and large-scale commercial facilities.
He holds a CBCO designation with the Director, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

July 21, 2021 - Class Action Lawsuit Against Landlab (Hendrick Farm Development)

According to a CBC article, Landlab's Crown Jewel - Hendrick Organic Farm is being repurposed. This has the residents up in arms. Residents have started a class action lawsuit claiming that:
"The development originally included a two-hectare organic farm as part of its plan that was promised "in perpetuity."
Here is a link to further information CBC News Article - Class Action Lawsuit

June 18, 2021 - Alnwick/Haldimand Planner Issues Report on Landlab Proposal

A report regarding the status of the proposed McQuillan Subdivision Plan was prepared by A/H Senior Planner Jennifer Current. It is to be presented as part of the June 24, 2021 A/H Council Planning Agenda. See details here

June 7, 2021 - Email to A/H Council and Local Planners Re Landlab Lakeport Proposal

Gritt Koehl sent an email to A/H Council and to local planners that summarizes concerns about a Landlab proposal for a 700-800 unit development near Lakeport. The email concludes with formal opposistion to the Landlabs Inc. Lakeport Beach Proposal based on the fact that it does not meet the land use requirements in A/H. You can read the email here Gritt Koehl Email June 7, 2021

June 6, 2021 - Lakeport Beach Proposal in Alnwick/Haldimand

A special meeting of A/H Council was held on May 28, 2021. The purpose of the meeting was to hear a proposal from Landlab Inc for development of a 200 acre parcel of land just west of Lakeport on the shore of Lake Ontario. A new menu item (Lakeport Beach Proposal) has been added under Alnwick/Haldimand to address some of the issues posed by this proposal. You can view the information here

May 28, 2021 - Alnwick/Haldimand Hires Fire Chief

It was announced that Dave Dawson would be starting as Fire Chief/CEMC on May 31, 2021. Dave has 20 years of firefighting experience with the Uxbridge Fire Department.

March 9, 2021 - Alnwick/Haldimand Hires Public Works Manager

An anonymous release from Alnwick/Haldimand announced that Brian McMillan will be the new Public Works Manager as of Monday March 29, 2021. Brian was reported to have over 28 years of experience in Public Works with 20 of those as a Public Works Manager. Brian's previous position was Director of Public Works in the Township of Otonabee-South Monaghan.

March 5, 2021 - Alnwick/Haldimand Council Meeting

This meeting covered a number of topics. Gritt Koehl transcribed portions of the meeting. Here is the Meeting Transcription

March 2, 2021 - Northumberland Municipal Fire Review

Following a Request for Proposal (RFP) process, the Loomex Group was commissioned to analyze and summarize all fire services and programs provided by the Fire Departments In Northumberland County.
The Executive Summary (Copied from Loomex Group Review) and the report is available here.

February 19, 2021 - Cramahe Issues a Guide for Working with Council & Committees

The Township of Cramahe released its new “Working with Council and Committees” Guide. With the onset of the pandemic and a shift in how residents interact, and after years of discussion on how to increase public engagement – the Township took the step to develop and launch the guide as a how-to for local residents. Further information is available here 
You can read the guide here Cramahe Guide for Working with Council & Committees

February 10, 2021 - Vernonville Community Centre Committee Dissolved By A/H Council

The Vernonville Community Centre Committee has 10 members, and is a strong, active group that has continued to hold virtual meetings during the pandemic to stay connected and plan for the future.  These long-standing volunteers have successfully managed the community centre for years. Community & fundraising events have been organized to pay for maintenance and upgrades to the centre. The members received a letter dated January 27, 2021 from Jennifer Steen announcing changes to the committee structure.

This caused a flurry of activity on Facebook followed by a Special Meeting of Alnwick/Haldimand Council on February 10, 2021. Details are available here

January 18, 2021 - Mark Diminie Removed as Fire Chief in Alnwick/Haldimand

There was no formal announcement from Alnwick/Haldimand Council but this story appeared in Today's Northumberland AH Turfs Another Fire Chief

January 15, 2021 - Alnwick/Haldimand Staff Appointments

Council announced the appointment of Troy Gilmour to the full time CAO position and Alexandra Smith to the full time Clerk position.
Troy Gilmour was previously Deputy and Acting CAO as well as Public Works Manager. Mr. Gilmour started his career with the Township 9 years ago and has experience in Parks & Recreation, Public Works and Administration.
Alexandra Smith was prevously Deputy and Acting Clerk. She started her municipal career with Alnwick/Haldimand Township 9 years ago and has been in the Acting Clerk position for the past 7 months.

November 17, 2020 - Cramahe Township Announces The Appointment of Mark MacDonald as Fire Chief

Mark MacDonald has worked in the fire service since 1987. Most recently Mark was the Fire Chief at Central Frontenac Township while continuing to serve with Belleville Fire. Upon his retirement from Belleville, Mark will start his job heading up the Township of Cramahe Fire Department. He will assume his position on March 29, 2021

The Interim Fire Chief, Bruce Greatrix, will be staying on with the Cramahe department until Mark assumes his position.

November 9, 2020 - Email Response to Alnwick/Haldimand Acting CAO Letter

On November 9, an email was sent to the Alnwick/Haldimand Acting CAO. The email pointed out that the A/H interpretation of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) was incorrect.

Currently A/H does not record audio or video of Council meetings. Continuing to enforce a Procdure Bylaw prohibiting the recording of Council proceedings is tantamount to obstruction when it comes to important Council decisions regarding Parks and Recreation, Community Centres and Library budgets. This is contrary to recommendations by the Ombudsman.

It was concluded that this was a frivolous accusation. The demand that we take down audio recordings from our website, and threatening to ban us from future in-person or virtual meetings is bullying meant to intimidate a resident. See further information here - November 9, 2020 Response

November 4, 2020 - Letter From Acting CAO Regarding Recordings of Budget Meeting

On November 4, 2020 we received an email from Alnwick/Haldimand Acting Clerk Alexandra Smith with the attached PDF Document Letter From Acting CAO .

The letter states that the Township had received a complaint under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act that we had not asked for permission to record the proceedings of a virtual PUBLIC budget meeting. The CAO requested that our recording of this PUBLIC Council meeting regarding the Municipal budget be taken off the website. He threatened that If we did not take the recording off the website, we would be banned from participating in future virtual or in-person Council meetings.

We have deleted the recordings for now.

October 20, 2020 - Cramahe Appoints Barbara Waldron As Chief Building Official

CAO Arryn McNichol announced that Barbara Waldron will assume the position of CBO starting November 9, 2020. Barbara is an architectural graduate of Loyalist College. Further details

October 13, 2020 - Formation of Alnwick/Haldimand Residents Group

Over the past couple of years, there has been growing concern among residents about happenings in the Alnwick/Haldimand government. In particular there was concern that the revolving door on staff departures and Council restructuring was allowing major issues to fall through the cracks.

Residents began connecting with one another. This included long-time volunteers from committees and boards within the community, and others concerned about the future of the Township. It became apparent that there was a need to unify residents to lobby Council, rather than having individuals approach Council.

Alnwick Haldimand Residents is the official name of the group. Further information

October 2, 2020 - Brighton Appoints James Smith To Fire Chief Position

Brighton CAO Bob Casselman announced that James Smith has been hired as Brighton’s Fire Chief starting on October 19, 2020. Further details are available here Brighton Fire Chief

September 9, 2020 - Cramahe Appoints Dave Wellman As Deputy CBO

The Township’s Planning and Development Department welcomes Dave Wellman as Deputy CBO (Chief Building Official) for the Township of Cramahe. See details here Deputy CBO Appointment

September 8, 2020 - Cramahe Appoints Bruce Greatrix as Interim Fire Chief

In the wake of the resignation of Fire Chief Tim Burgess, Cramahe Council has appointed Bruce Greatrix as Interim Fire Chief. See details here Interim Fire Chief Appointment

September 6, 2020 - Cramahe Plan of Subdivision in the Victoria / Division / Earl Street Area

Cramahe is considering a proposal to put a subdivision in an area very close to the CN Rail Corridor. An email was sent to the Planners for Cramahe Township and Northumberland County expressing some concerns about the proposed Plan of Subdivision D14-FID-04-20. See details here Concerns About Subdivision Plans

September 6, 2020 - Brighton Considers Decision to Install Ice at the Arena

The Council for Brighton Municipality has not yet decided on whether their arena will open for the 2020/2021 season. A Notice of Motion has been brought forward to put in an outdoor ice pad in the event the arena doesn't open. See details here Brighton Council Review of Ice Installation

August 20, 2020 - Cramahe Committee of the Whole Discusses Industrial Park Development

There were several items on the Agenda, including a lengthy presentation on the 401 Expansion plans (coming to an interchange near you), with detour routes being the biggest area of concern. In order to fully understand the magnitude of the project, see the attached PowerPoint presentation. Hwy 401 Preliminary Design and Environmental Assessment

There was a presentation and discussion on the sale of remaining industrial park lands and the status of the sewer system. Manager of Planning Heather Sadler’s report “Industrial Lands Development Policy - Status and Update” is available here August 20. 2020 Industrial Lands Development Policy

Gritt Koehl prepared a detailed summary of this discussion. It is available here along with an audio recording of the proceedings Summary of Industrial Lands Development Policy Discussion

August 11, 2020 - Citizen Petitions Regarding Haldimand Memorial Arena

There have been two significant issues related to the Haldimand Memorial Arena that have resulted in citizen petitions. One was a decision on the continued operation of the arena as a hockey or skating venue. The other was a private restaurant take out business that was operating out of the arena canteen.  Gritt Koehl did a comprehensive review of the situation and posted the review on the ABC-Activism Faceebook page.  Information from that post is available here

July 6, 2020 - Cramahe Appoints David MacPherson as Manager of Public Works & Environmental Services

David is a Certified Engineering Technology graduate of Loyalist College, Belleville. He has over 22 years of private and public work experience, 16 in the municipal sector. For the past 11 years, he has served as a Public Works Manager, most recently for the City of Kawartha Lakes (Lindsay). He is a member of the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) and the Association of Ontario Road Supervisors (AORS).

David's main office is located at the Colborne municipal building where he can be contacted at (905) 355-2821, ext. 126. His e-mail is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

June 14, 2020 - Cramahe Roads Coalition Delegation to Cramahe Council

Tracy Kerr & Neil Ledger prepared a presentation to Cramahe Council on behalf of the Cramahe Roads Coalition.  Residents have reached a breaking point when it comes to the condition of their roads.  For years and years they have complained to the Township about local road conditions.  The band aid measures of grading roads and tossing cold patch into potholes do not provide a long term solution to the poor road conditions. The residents want their roads rehabilitated.  Their presentation is available here:

Delegation by Cramahe Roads Coalition

June 10, 2020 - Gravel Road Construction & Maintenance Guide

Cramahe Township continues to struggle with the construction and maintenance of its gravel roads.  Periodically the roads crews regrade the gravel roads and then stand back to admire their handy work.  The road looks great after the regrade but it doesn't last.  They fail to realize that a gravel road needs three basic elements:

  1. A crowned driving surface.  Roads that lack an adequate crown will quickly develop potholes and corrugations (washboarding) following rain or snow. 
  2. A shoulder area that slopes directly away from the edge of the driving surface, and
  3. A ditch  Obstruction of shoulder drainage is the biggest problem in water ponding on the road.

Further information is available here Roads Infrastructure

May 6, 2020 - Integrity Commissioner Issues Report on A/H Closed Meetings

In response to a complaint from the public, the Integrity Commissioner (Principles Integrity) did an investigation of "closed" meetings held by Alnwick/Haldimand Council.  The results of the investigation are available here May 6, 2020 Report by Principles Integrity  This report was included on the May 21, 2020 Council meeting agenda.

March 13, 2020 - COVID-19 Lockdown

On March 13, 2020 Ontario started a lockdown against a viral pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).  This is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).  Municipalities have had to find new ways of doing business and have transitioned to holding virtual meetings using online applications such as Zoom.  Citizens are encouraged to join in on these meetings.  Details are available on Municipal websites.

February 24, 2020 - Markham Silences Train Horns

Mayor Frank Scarpitti says Markham has taken steps to silence GO train horns at 13 level crossings in the city, a move that should appease concerns of residents about noise.  This is the culmination of many years of effort and the expenditure of $6 million dollars on upgrades to the the grade crossing infrastructure.  Read the CBC report here Markham Silences Train Horns

February 18, 2020 - Cramahe/Brighton Townline Road Speed Limit

Brighton staff approached Cramahe staff about reducing the speed limit on the boundary road between the two municiplaities.  Cramahe staff prepared a report for council that recommended Council approve By-Law 2020-26 to reduce the speed limit to 50 km/h on Boundary Road.  Cramahe councillors felt that they had not received adequate notification from Brighton and decided to defer a decision until the matter could be brought before the Police Services Board.  Details of this matter are available here Details Regarding Boundary Road Speed Limit

February 14, 2020 "Consider This" Interview With Gritt Koehl

Robert Washburn's interview with Gritt Koehl was broadcast on Northumberland 89.7 radio on February 14, 2020.  In his introduction to the interview Washburn states "It is said, one grain of rice can tip a scale. Citizen activist Gritt Koehl is living proof. For many years she has lobbied, protested and held municipal politicians to account in Cramahe Township, as well as in Alnwick-Haldimand and Brighton. In this interview, we discuss the Sharpshooter proposal for a cannabis plant in Lakeport (a fight that drew headlines as far away as Toronto). She also talks about grow ops in rural areas, a proposal to create a Muslim cemetery and lots more".  Listen to the interview here

Natalie Hamilton (a reporter for the Brighton Independent) wrote an article about the Cramahe Council meeting referenced in the above interview.  Read the story here Natalie Hamilton Article 

February 12, 2020 - Jim Hogg Appointed as A/H Councillor

Roseneath farmer Jim Hogg has been appointed to fill the current A/H Council vacancy.  This is the end result of a number of Council changes that were set in motion when Mayor John Logel resigned.  Gail Latchford replaced Logel in the mayor’s seat and Sherry Gibson was appointed Deputy Mayor to fill the vacancy left by Latchford's move.  As mayor, Latchford also serves as the township’s representative on Northumberland County council. 

Hogg's official appointment and swearing in will take place at the February 20, 2020 Council meeting.

January 17, 2020 - Joanne Hyde Named Cramahe Township Clerk

Ms. Hyde has over 15 years of senior government experience.  For the past four years, she has served as a Board Director after being appointed to the Rural Ontario Institute. She has also served as a provincial appointee to the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Joanne is an Accredited Ontario Municipal Clerk (AOMC), and holds the Certified Municipal Officer (CMO) designation from the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO).  Ms Hyde will assume the position on January 22, 2020.

January 16, 2020 Cramahe Mayor Does Interview on Township Issues

Defend Lakeport residents expressed concern that Mayor Martin dismissed their concerns about the proposed Sharpshooter Cannabis Production Facility (CPF) during her interview with Robert Washburn.  They claim she ignored two years of work by citizens protesting the Lakeport site.  It is so much more than odour, traffic and fear of the unknown.  The Lakeport residents (Defend Lakeport) have spent the better part of two years doing Delegations to both Alnwick/Haldimand and Cramahe.  Further details and a recording of the interview are available here Defend Lakeport Submission

January 14, 2020 - Email to Cramahe Township Regarding Planning for Cemeteries

After researching land use planning policy for cemeteries, and looking at Cramahe, A/H, County and Provincial Official Plans, it was concluded that Cramahe Township needed to do more work on the subject before approving any new cemeteries.  An email was sent to Cramahe Staff and Council.  It can be read here Cramahe Cemetery Planning 

January 11, 2020 - Proposed Cemetery in Cramahe Township

On December 18, 2019 Cramahe Township issued a Press Release announcing that they were considering a new cemetery in the Township on Lake Road.  The proposed cemetery raised many red flags.  Before even considering such a proposal, Cramahe Township needs to get the planning process right with appropriate amendments first to the Official Plan and subsequently the zoning by-law.  Further detail on the concerns is available here Cramahe Cemetery Planning

January 6, 2020 - Alnwick/Haldimand - To Deny, or not Deny - That Is The Question

Here is the latest update from the Resist the Pit Group 2020 Update on Road Allowance Closure Application

December 18, 2019 - Cramahe's Pursuit of Funding for Its Sewer System

It is very clear that Cramahe Township does not have the expertise to plan and manage a wastewater system. From its inception back in 1964, the history of the wastewater system is replete with stumbles and bad decisions.  Listen to the discussion at Cramahe Coucil and read a summary of the issues with the Cramahe Wastewater here Discussion of Cramahe Sewer Issues

December 9, 2019 - Matt Halmasy Named Deputy Fire Chief in Cramahe Township

According to Fire Chief Tim Burgess, Matt Halmasy has many years of service with the Alnwick-Haldimand Fire Department including 12 years as an officer.  Matt has demonstrated leadership and dedication in the fire service.

As Deputy Chief Matt will be responsible for all activities related to the development, implementation, coordination and administration of Fire Prevention and Inspection duties within the Township of Cramahe.

Matt Halmasy’s appointment is effective December 20, 2019.

November 27, 2019 - A/H Application To Close & Sell Municipal Road Allowance To Pit Owners

Weston Consulting, on behalf of Cobourg Sand & Gravel, has once again applied to purchase an unopened road allowance assoicated with a pit in Alnwick/Haldimand. It should be noted that there is no such company in Cobourg - the  company is located in Vaughan.

Alnwick/Haldimand Council denied this same application in September 2018.  Residents have been actively opposing illegal dumping and pit expansion for the past two years.  Further details are available here Issues with Closing Road Allowance

November 5, 2019 - Cramahe Downtown Revitalization Delegation (Marshall Gummer)

In a presentation to Cramahe Council, Marshall Gummer asked Council to reconsider its decision to spend $50,000.00 on a Strategic Marketing Plan, and to put the money into crucial infrastructure repairs in the downtown core.

A copy of the delegation, the powerpoint presentation and an article by Brighton Independent reporter John Campbell is available here Marshall Gummer Presentation to Cramahe Council

October 24, 2019 - A/H Delegation re Setbacks & Buffer Zones for Cannabis Production Facilities

On September 5, 2019, Defend Lakeport sent an email to Sr Planner Jennifer Current, CAO Robin van de Moosdyk & Deputy Mayor Gail Latchford requesting that the Township increase the setbacks and add a buffer zone for Cannabis Production Facilities (CPFs) in the Draft Zoning By-law.  On October 24th, Defend Lakeport appeared as a Delegation before Alnwick/Haldimand Council to follow up on that request.  The delegation and summary of setbacks in other Municipalities is available here Delegation Regarding Setbacks & Buffer Zones

October 15, 2019 - Cramahe Township Appoints Arryn McNichol To CAO-Treasurer Position

In a closed session at the October 15, 2019 Council Meeting, Council unanimously approved appointing Arryn McNichol to the position of CAO-Treasurer. McNichol was hired as Treasurer commencing July 13, 2018.  In May 2018, Mr. McNichol stepped in as Interim CAO, with the departure of Craig Brooks from the township.

October 4, 2019 - Heather Sadler named Cramahe Township Senior Planner

Cramahe Township issued a press release today announcing the appointment of Heather Sadler as Senior Planner.  Read the press release here Press Release - Heather Sadler

September 25, 2019 - Cramahe Marketing Plan Back on the Agenda

A report (ADMIN – 28-19) was submitted at the September 17th Cramahe Council meeting.  At this meeting Council approved the report and authorized staff to:

Colborne business owners expressed their concern / disappointment with the above approach. They do NOT believe a Marketing Strategic Plan addresses what is needed at this point in time. They offered several simple, inexpensive ideas to market the downtown as it is now, but STRESSED the need to repair & improve the promenade and Main Street first.  Further detail is available here Report on Cramahe Marketing Plan

September 24, 2019 - The Meaning of Flashing Green Lights (Volunteer Firefighters)

A concerned citizen in Alnwick/Haldimand recently reported seeing a vehicle with flashing green lights.  She immediately slowed down and pulled over, as did one other car. To her dismay, several cars did not.  This then prompted a discussion on social media as to the meaning of the green flashing light and whether other motorists were required to yield.  We researched the issue and posted information on volunteer firefighters using flashing green lights.  We have now included information on initiatives in each of the Municipalities in Northumberland County.  Information on Volunteer Fire Services is available here Background on Flashing Green Lights.  If you see a vehicle displaying a green flashing light please yield by signalling, pulling to the side of the road and stopping if it is safe to do so.  If such a vehicle is encountered at an intersection, please yield and wave the vehicle through.

September 20, 2019 - Sharpshooter Continues To Mislead

In the ongoing effort to monitor what was happening with Sharpshooter's activities in Lakeport, a resident reported that 2 pictures showing company representatives posing with members of Alnwick/Haldimand and Cramahe Councils were posted on the Sharpshooter website.  The post falsely claimed support from both Councils for Sharpshooter's efforts to site a Cannabis Production Facility in Lakeport.  Further details are available here Sharpshooter Information

September 3, 2019 - Defend Lakeport's Delegation to Cramahe Council

Femma Norton and Gritt Koehl appeared before Council continuing the efforts to encourage Cramahe to enact a responsible by-law to control cannabis cultivation and/or production in the Township of Cramahe.  The delegation is available here Defend Lakeport Delegation.  Here is Background Information on the topic.

August 18, 2019 - Responsibility for Roads in Hamlet and Village Areas

During review of where ATVs were allowed, it was discovered that the roles and responsibilities for maintenance of roads in hamlet and village areas was unclear.  Detailed information was obtained from the Northumberland County roads manager and the roads managers in Alnwick/Haldimand, Brighton, and Cramahe.  The information for the various Municiplaities is summarized here




July 17, 2019 - Integrity Commissioner & Role - A/H - Brighton - Cramahe

Alnwick/Haldimand, Brighton & Cramahe have appointed Integrity Commissioners to review complaints received internally and externally. Council/Staff/Citizens are able to file complaints with the Integrity Commissioner if they believe there is an issue with the conduct of Council/Councillors/Staff, or if there is a Conflict of Interest issue. Details are available at the following links:

Alnwick/Haldimand Information

Brighton Information

Cramahe Information

July 12, 2019 - More Train Separations in Cramahe

CN appears incapable of solving the problem of train separations in the Township of Cramahe.  Mutiple grade crossings were blocked on July 5, 2019 and on July 11, 2019.  On July 5, a train blocked Peter's Rd, Blyth Park Rd, Colton and Durham. Here is a report on the July 11, 2019 separations  July 11, 2019 Train Separations.

July 10, 2019 - Grow-ops Present Problems for Brighton and Cramahe Residents

A recent article by John Campbell highlights the problems being faced by residents in Brighton and Cramahe.  It highlights the need for Municipalities to take affirmative action. John Campbell Article on Grow-Op Impact on Residents

July 9, 2019 - Tim Burgess Named Fire Chief In Cramahe Township

Mayor Mandy Martin announced today that Tim Burgess was appointed to the positon of Fire Chief for the Township.  Tim had been filling in as acting Fire Chief since the departure of Brandon Northup on January 4, 2019.  Tim's background information is available here Cramahe Human Resources

July 5, 2019 - The End Of The Line For The Mill At Piper Creek (Castleton, Cramahe Township)

Candace and Mitchell Cox (the owners of the Mill in Castleton) have announced that they are putting their property up for sale and will be moving out of Northumberland County.  You can read about their decision here Letter From Candace Cox. It is a sad tale of incompetence on the part of the Township of Cramahe.  The Township sold an unopened road allowance WITHOUT considering the fact that the sale would move the property line right up to the side on an existing building (the old Purdy Mill). To compound the problem, the lawyer involved in the sale of the road allowance failed to register the sale in a timely fashion.  As a result, this information was not disclosed to the Cox's when they bought the property.  When the Cox's brought the problem to the attention of the Township, the Council at the time did nothing to try and rectify the problem.  Incredibly, the Mayor at the time (Marc Coombs) claims that the Township "did everything right".  After many years of struggle, Candace and Mitchell have finally had enough and are throwing in the towel. 

June 21, 2019 - Train Separations Continue to be a Problem in Cramahe Township

Information that was forwarded to the Duty Officer at Transport Canada regarding the latest train separation and blocked crossings can be found here Train Separation & Blocked Crossings

Apparently this train separation was due to a knuckle failure which could be fixed relativley quickly.  Four grade crossings were blocked as a result of this train separation - Durham Street S (activated warning system); Victoria Street; Ontario Street and Townline Road.  This is a video of the approaching freight train at Durham Street South.  The video highlights the importance of not simply assuming the the signals are activated as a result of the stopped train.  Video of Slow Moving Freight Approaching Blocked Crossing

June 6, 2019 - Mr. Greg Booth Appointed as A/H Township Councillor

The Council of the Township of Alnwick/Haldimand announced the appointment of Greg Booth of Community Centre Road, as the new Councillor. Mr. Booth is filling the vacancy created by the passing of councillor Raymond Benns on March 21, 2019.

After listening to presentations by seven candidates, Council voted to appoint Mr. Booth. Mr. Booth was sworn in at the June 6th, 2019 Regular meeting of Council.

June 5, 2019 - Cramahe Township Announces Interim CAO

Cramahe Township council has appointed Arryn McNichol interim Corporate Administrative Officer (CAO).  A review of job titles, responsibilities and reporting hierarchies will be completed over the next six months.

May 30, 2019 - Departure of Craig Brooks as CAO of Cramahe Township

A brief press release issued by Cramahe Township on Thursday, May 30, 2019, announced "the departure of Chief Administrative Officer Craig Brooks.”  The release goes on to quote Mayor Mandy Martin as saying “We are grateful for the dedicated service and hard work that Mr. Brooks has given to the Township (and) we wish all the best for his future endeavours.”

May 26, 2019 Alnwick/Haldimand Proposed By-law To Prohibit Dumping Of Contaminated Materials

There is concern regarding the dumping of materials being brought into Alnwick/Haldimand from outside the region. The reason for the concern is that this practice if not properly controlled will endanger drinking water supplies. Alnwick/Haldimand residents have investigated neighbouring Township By-Laws and produced a draft comprehensive Fill By-Law. Please read the attached Notice and let your Councillors know that you are concerned about protecting your drinking water. Contact information is included.  Notice Regarding Proposed Fill Bylaw

May 21, 2019 - Train Hits a Midland County Deputy Sheriff's SUV (Texas)

Two Midland County Sheriff's Office SUVs attempted to drive around a slow-moving, westbound freight train at a railroad grade crossing when an eastbound train struck the lead vehicle. 

The active warning system at the crossing was functioning at the time of the crash with the gates down and the lights flashing.  The oncoming train was also sounding its horn. The Sheriff’s Deputy mistakenly assumed that the warning system was operating because of the westbound freight that had just cleared the tracks.

The important lesson here - do not start across a railway grade crossing until the lights have stopped flashing.  The only exception is if the grade crossing is being controlled by a police officer or a flag person for the train company.

The video can be watched here Train Hits Deputy Sheriff's SUV 

May 13, 2019 - Northumberland County Approves Grafton Heights Subdivision In Alnwick/Haldimand

Northumberland County reported that no appeals were received regarding Plan of Subdivision D12 2014-04 (Grafton Heights) and Condominium Plan D05-AH1801 (Grafton Heights Common Element Roadway and Open Space/Stormwater Area).  The County has therefore approved these draft plans.  Letter Inidcating County Approval

May 10, 2019 - Actions Taken to Prevent a Recurrence of Flooding on Trenear Road

Remedial action was taken by Cramahe Township (Operations Department) to reduce the risk of future flooding on Trenear Road.  The Ministry of Natural Resources is continuing to study the matter and will take futher measures with the gravel pits ownwers (if appropriate) in the context of the applicable site plans.  Details are avaialble here Followup Action on Trenear Road Flooding

May 8, 2019 - Frequent Freight Train Separations in Cramahe Township

There has been a rash of train separations in Cramahe Township.  This has caused problems with blocked grade crossings not to mention delays in notifying first responders about the situation.  We have prepared a summary of the events and our efforts to bring the matter to the attention of the regulator (Transport Canada).  Going forward it is important for residents to notify Transport Canada if a stationary train blocks a grade crossing for more than 5 minutes.  A detailed notification procedure is availabe here

Blocked Grade Crossing Notification Procedure

Further information on the separation events, details of the mechanical components of the train that are failing and the correspondence with the regulatory agency is avaialble here

Railway Grade Crossing Safety

May 7, 2019 - ATV By-law Discussion at Cramahe Council

ATVs were on the Cramahe Council-in-Committee Agenda on May 7, 2019 in the form of Operations Department Report 13-19. 

The Staff report concluded that Council should direct staff to prepare a new Off-Road Vehicle Bylaw to include side-by-side all-terrain vehicles (in the bylaw) as all-terrain vehicles (ATV). Staff also recommended that the new bylaw prescribe the months of operation and permit all-terrain vehicle use on all roadways under the jurisdiction of the Corporation of the Township of Cramahe. Details of the discussion that took place including audio from the Council meeting are available here ATV By-law Details

May 2, 2019 - Alnwick/Haldimand Considering By-law To Prevent Illegal Dumping

There is growing public concern regarding dumping of materials being brought into municipalities from outside of the region. Residents from A/H, Brighton and Cramahe have raised concerns to local Councils during the past couple of years about this growing problem.

Most municipalities have site alteration by-laws in place, but they do not address the importing of fill. There have been several incidents of fill being trucked into and around townships without notification, which is in violation of existing site control by-laws. A permit is required and a fee paid for dumping of fill at any site. It has fallen to residents to bring the problem of illegal dumping to the attention of township Staff/Council. Furthermore, site alteration by-laws do not deal with “what” type of fill, or “where” the fill comes from, and that is a major concern.

At last week’s A/H Planning Meeting a draft By-law to Control the Importing of Fill was discussed at great length by Council. Read more about this issue here Draft By-Law Being Considered by A/H Council

April 22, 2019 - Municipal Authorities Slow To Respond to Legalization of Cannabis

Back in 1999, Canada began the journey toward cannabis legalization.  A number of Court rulings prompted the formulation of regulations that initially allowed access to medical marijuana and then eventually to legalization of recreational cannabis use.  Unfortunately many Municipalities failed to adequately address this issue and the impact that it would have on their communities.  They lacked understanding of the legislation and thus failed to the implement appropriate changes to their comprehensive zoning bylaws. The result was adverse impact on residents and an attitude of learned helplessness among Council members.  See further details here Problems Associated with Legalization of Cannabis

March 15, 2019 - Catastrophic Damage to Trenear Road (Cramahe) Following Flooding

Overnight Friday, March 15, 2019 sections of Trenear Road in Cramahe Township collapsed due to a massive water flow down the road. To date the source of the water has not been confirmed.  Trenear Road is about eight kilometres east of Colborne.  The volume of water coming down the hill was too much and it eroded the road.  In some places, the collapsed area was more than 20-feet deep.  No one was injured and there are no residences along the 1 km stretch of roadway.  Further details and videos are available here Trenear Road Damage Information

March 8, 2019 - Brighton Appoints Bob Casselman To CAO Position

Casselman, who's in his 50s, has committed to serving as Brighton's CAO for the next 5 years. He was city manager at Brockville before being chosen from among 48 candidates to replace Gary King.

March 4, 2019 - Defend Lakeport Letter to the Editor (Defend Lakeport Unhappy With Council Response)

On March 4, 2019, the Brighton Independent published a letter from Lakeport resident Femma Norton.  In the letter Ms Norton expresses dissatisfaction with the reaction and lack of response from Cramahe Council.  This is the text of the letter Defend Lakeport Letter to the Editor (Brighton Independent)  The document also includes a link to the online version of the letter.

March 3, 2019 Toronto Star Article - A Cannabis Factory, a Quiet Little Hamlet, and an Inconvenient Borderline

Toronto Feature writer Joseph Hall has written an article about the issues surrounding a cannabis production facility in the Hamlet of Lakeport.  While the reporter has done an excellent job of talking with the parties involved, somebody's lying. The question is "Who"? 

The only missing piece of the puzzle is Health Canada, and what they think of a Cannabis Production Facility in a residential Hamlet, with no municipal services, and roads that are less than adequate for heavy truck traffic.

The online version of the Star Article is available here 2019-03-03 Toronto Star Article - Cannabis Factory in Lakeport 

February 24, 2019 - The Tale of Two Townships and a Pot Plant

Gritt Koehl has assembled a comprehensive summary of Sharpshooter's plans to put a cannabis production facility (CPF) in the Hamlet of Lakeport.  The report is presented in several parts that cover the history of Lakeport, the serious matter of putting a CPF in Lakeport, the opposition of local residents, a report by Alnwick/Haldimand's Senior Planner, and a discussin of the project in the context of common sense, respect and ethics.  Read the story here A Tale Of Two Townships and a Pot Plant

February 7, 2019 Defend Lakeport Delegation to Alnwick/Haldimand Council

The Defend Lakeport group came before Alnwick/Haldimand Council on February 7, 2019 with a delegation to express concerns about plans for a Cannabis Production Facility in the Hamlet of Lakeport.  The spokespeople were Gritt Koehl and Bill Gale. It was noted that most of the residents of Lakeport live in Alnwick/Haldimand but Alnwick/Haldimand Council was not consulted by Sharpshooter.  Furthermore the Sharpshooter property straddles the Township boundary line and the zoning is different in the two Municipalities.  The zoning in A/H does not allow a Cannabis Production Facility. Details are available here Sharpshooter Cannabis Facility

February 5, 2019 Defend Lakeport Delegation to Cramahe Council

The Defend Lakeport group came before Cramahe Council on February 5, 2019 with a delegation to express concerns about plans for a Cannabis Production Facility in the Hamlet of Lakeport.  The spokespeople were Gritt Koehl and Bill Gale. Details are available here Sharpshooter Cannabis Facility

January 22, 2019 - Brighton and Alnwick/Haldimand Vote To Allow Cannabis Retail Outlets

At a Council meeting held on January 17, 2019 Alnwick/Haldimand voted unanimously to approve retail cannabis stores in the Township.  The Municipality of Brighton did likewise on January 21, 2019 but there was more voiced opposition.  See details here

January 19, 2019 - Email to Cramahe and Alnwick/Haldimand Mayors re Spokesperson for Defend Lakeport

The email indicates that Gritt Koehl was appointed Spokesperson/Contact for Defend Lakeport.  This was done to streamline communications between Lakeport residents, Council members and other agencies, The email goes on to request that the letter of January 16, 2019 and the email of January 19, 2019 be added to the Cramahe Council-in-Committee agenda of January 22, 2019.  This request was denied by CAO Craig Brooks.  You can read the email here Email to Mayors Logel and Martin

January 16, 2019 - Letter to Alnwick/Haldimand and Cramahe Councils Re Sharpshooter

In light of Lakeport resident concerns and the fact that Sharpshooter is continuing to work on the Lakeport property without an approved site plan, a letter was written to Alnwick/Haldimand and Cramahe Council members to challenge the location of a Cannabis facility in the Hamlet of Lakeport.  The letter is available here Sharpshooter Cannabis Facility

January 8, 2019 - Cramahe Council Votes to Allow Cannabis Retail Outlets in the Township

Cramahe Council has voted to allow private recreational cannabis retail stores in the municipality.  Council made its decision after receiving a report from compliance co-ordinator Holly Grant recommending the municipality opt in.  Further details are available here Cannabis Information

January 4, 2019 - Cramahe Fire Chief Brandon Northrup Resigns

Cramahe Township Fire Chief Brandon Northrup resigned on Friday, January 4, 2019 after meeting with Cramahe Township CAO Craig Brooks. Northrup was sworn in as Fire Chief for Cramahe Township on March 14, 2011.  Brooks said Acting Fire Chief Tim Burgess will continue in his role until further notice.

December 17, 2018 - Cannabis Retail Outlets

Recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada on October 17, 2018 by the Federal Government. Ontario’s Provincial Government has put rules in place designed to keep cannabis out of the hands of children and youth, keep roads safe and combat the illegal market. Ontario now has laws in place about how, where and who can buy and possess cannabis in the province. The government is also moving forward with a regulated private retail model for cannabis that would launch by April 1, 2019. Your local municipalities and townships are seeking community input on whether to allow Private Recreational Cannabis Retail Stores. It is important for communities to voice their opinions on this important matter.  Background information is available here Background Information On Cannabis

December 6, 2018 - Alnwick/Haldimand Council Inauguration Ceremony

CAO Robin Van de Moosdyk presided over the Inauguration Ceremonies of Council for the 2018 - 2021 Term.  The ceremonies were held in the Alnwick/Haldimand Municipal Office Council Chambers on Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 10:00am.  Further details, pictures and video are available here 2018 Alnwick/Haldimand Council Inauguration Ceremony

December 3, 2018 - Cramahe Celebrates First Female Mayor In 225 Years

There was a tremendous turnout at the Keeler Centre as Mandy Martin was sworn into office as the new Mayor of the Township of Cramahe.  Also sworn in were returning members of Council, Deputy Mayor Sandra Arthur, Councillor Don Clark, Councillor Tim Gilligan and Councillor Ed Van Egmond.  Pictures, video and further detail can be found here 2018 Cramahe Council Inauguration

November 28, 2018 - Northumberland County Presentation on Implementation of the Natural Heritage Plan

The Province of Ontario has mandated that Natural Heritage Systems Plans (NHSP) must be implemented across Ontario.

The first round of public meetings were held last week in Cobourg, Cramahe and Campbellford to introduce the NHSP to citizens. We encourage everyone to listen to the presentation, and if you have any questions and/or comments, to please direct them to Dwayne Campbell at Northumberland County.  Additional information on this topic along with a recording of the November 28, 2018 presentation is available here Natural Heritage Information

November 26, 2018 - Transport Safety Board Accident Report on Breslau, Ontario Train Fatality

The Transportation Safety Board has released its report into the February 8, 2018 Breslau, Ontario collision between a Via Train and a Staples delivery van.  The report was officially released on September 11, 2018.

Two things are painfully clear from the report.  The first is the need to STOP when there is no active warning system at a railway grade crossing such as the one at the Hunt Road CP crossing.  Do not blow through the stop sign.  This could cost you your life.  The second is that the safety margin or effectiveness of train horns in avoiding a collision is a myth.

The following quote is from the accident report “the truck windows were closed and the driver proceeded onto the crossing without stopping at the stop sign, unaware of the approaching train despite the locomotive horn being activated… a number of TSB investigations have concluded that the effectiveness of the horn can be compromised due to speed of the train, the dampening of sound through the road vehicle shell and the ambient noise within the vehicle, particularly when the vehicle windows are closed.” You can read the investigation report here Breslau Accident Report. This problem with train horns is consistent with our own observations at grade crossings.

November 9, 2018 Fact Check of the November 6, 2018 Council Proceedings on LBS EA

Gritt Koehl analyzed the proceedings of the November 6, 2018 Council meeting with regard to the Environmental Assesment studies for the Large Bore Sewer extension to the Cramahe Industrial park.  Read her fact checking report here Analysis and Fact Checking of Nov 6 Council Meeting

November 6, 2018 Cramahe Council Approves Funding of Additional EA Studies For Large Bore Sewer Extension

The Environmental Assessment for the large bore sewer expansion to the Cramahe Industrial Park dominated the Council in Committee Meeting held on November 6, 2018. To document the discussions regarding this important matter, audio recordings and a transcription of the proceedings have been posted here Council Meeting Audio and Transcription

October 22, 2018 - Part IV in the Cramahe Large Bore Expansion (LBS) Story

Gritt Koehl has produced a summary of the LBS story.  In it she explores the information that was withheld from the public and Council members.  She goes on to list some of the unanswered questions and puts together what constitutes a reasonalble path forward.  Part IV in the Large Bore Expansion Story

October 19, 2018 Cramahe Mayor Behaving Badly Regarding Industrial Park Sewer System

New information has come to light regarding the guestionable actions of Cramahe Mayor Marc Coombs in dealing with upgrades to the Industrial Park sewer system.  Information has been summarized from today's Facebook posts by Gritt Koehl.  Details are available here Sewer Infrastructure Update

September 27, 2018 - Alnwick/Haldimand Council Does NOT Approve Closing and Selling A Road Allowance at the Gravel Pit

A Motion to Approve a By-law before Council at today's Alnwick/Haldimand Planning Meeting, to close & sell a road allowance that runs between the gravel pit and adjacent farmland, was defeated 3 to 2.  See Gritt Koehl's report here Gravel Pit Update

September 21, 2018 Sharpshooter Industries Back In The News

Media articles published on September 20, 2018 report that Sharpshooter Industries Inc "has purchased the old Anamet building ... at 118 County Road 31 ...  Sharpshooter took ownership Sept. 10".  Apparently the facility "would be up and running in a few months growing cannabis and processing cannabis oils"   This information can be found here Sharpshooter Information.  Given that Sharpshooter is not licensed yet and given Cramahe's moratorium on marijuana facilities, how is it that they think they can proceed with their plans for the Lakeport facility?

September 20, 2018 - DM Wills Presentation on EA for Cramahe Industrial Park Sewer Upgrade

On September 18, 2018, Robert Jackson of D.M. Wills made a presentation to Cramahe Council regarding the draft version of their Environmental Assessment of Sanitary Sewer upgrades for the Industrial Park. The presentation prompted a number of questions and a lengthy discussion.  Details and audio clips of the meeting are available here DM Wills Presentation to Council Details

September 17, 2018 - Surprising Revelations From Clearford's Assessment of Cramahe's Small Bore Sewer Capacity

Public mention of the Small Bore Sewer (SBS) problems surfaced in 2017, right along with the proposal to extend the Large Bore Sewer (LBS) up to the Cramahe Industrial Park.  The public were NOT given any details of the problems with the SBS – just that the system was “at capacity”. Only after continually pressing the township for answers, were residents able to get minimal information that a “tracer wire” had come loose and had become became entangled in the piping causing backup in the system due to reduced flow. That is not the whole story though…Cramahe Township requested CLEARFORD (the company that originally installed the SBS back in 2004) to do a “Sanitary Sewer Capacity Assessment” (SSCA) of the SBS. The SSCA report prepared by CLEARFORD is dated July 28, 2017 and has raised a number of red flags.  See further information here Sewer Infrastructure Information

September 15, 2018 - Environmental Assessment of Cramahe Large Bore Sewer Extension to Industrial Park

D.M. Wills Associated Limited was retained by the Township of Cramahe to complete a Schedule B - Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study to examine various sewer alignments to upgrade the sanitary sewers in the "Colborne" Industrial Park. D.M. Wills has now produced a draft version of their report (D.M. Wills DRAFT EA Report on Large Bore Sewer Extension) which will be presented to Cramahe at a Council Meeting on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 7:00 pm.  Initial review of the document has raised a number of questions that were previously raised as part of a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman.  See more information here Cramahe Sewer Infrastructure

September 10, 2018 - Alnwick/Haldimand Residents Continue Efforts to Control Dumping at an Oak Ridges Moraine Gravel Pit

Concerned residents have respectfully and repeatedly requested A/H Council to act and amend its By-laws to protect all the lands of Alnwick/Haldimand Township. The current Council of Alnwick/Haldimand Township has not acted on these requests. On September 20, 2018 Council will be considering an application to close an unopened road allowance adjoining a gravel pit. Local residents are concerned that this will allow expansion of the existing pit and will allow the current pit owners to once again start dumping Hydrovac industrial waste from the city of Vaughan.  The issue is protection of drinking water originating in the Oak Ridges moraine.  Citizens are encouraged to write to Council expressing concern about this situation.  Information regarding the gravel pit plans is available here Gravel Pit Information

August 29, 2018 - Cramahe Council Approval of CR-21 Severances Rescinded

A Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) hearing was scheduled for Town Hall at 10:30 am on August 29, 2018.  As it turns out no formal LPAT hearing took place.  Cramahe Township legal counsel stated that the Township “HAS NO DEFENCE TO THE APPEAL”.  The severance applications were then formally withdrawn.  Details are available here County Road 21 Severances - LPAT Results

August 15, 2018 - Wellhead Protection

Information on "Wellhead Protection" has now been added to this website.  Wellhead protection areas (WHPA) are found around a Municipal source of drinking water where land use activities have the potential to affect the quality of water that flows into the well.  It is critical that development in these areas be carefully managed in order to protect the safety of drinking water.  Here is the link to this information Wellhead Protection Information



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