May 10, 2019 - Actions Taken to Prevent a Recurrence of Flooding on Trenear Road

Jeff Hoskin was asked to comment on the remedial action that was taken to reduce the risk of future catastrophic flooding on Trenear Road.  This is his response:

The south west corner of the pit on the corner of Trenear and Trent Valley Road was the low point during the flooding event in question.  This is where the water exited the pit onto Trenear Road.

In coordination with the pit owner, the contractor employed by the Municipality to rehabilitate the affected areas of Trenear was directed to move some of the extra fill material to the south west corner of the pit in order to build it up.  This was to create a higher elevation in order to protect Trenear Road from this type of flood condition happening again.  This corrective action was communicated to the MNR pit inspector.

Hope that helps,

Jeff Hoskin

Manager of Operations

Township of Cramahe

This is the information from the Ministry of Natural Resources as provided by Rose Copland:

Rose Copland (Aggregate Technical Specialist) of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNRF) reported that

"The Cramahe Operations Department did some work within the Bellamy pit to mitigate/alter the path of any surface water run-off, should there be any extreme weather events again.  The Operations Manager feels that these changes will better protect Trenear Road from future flooding.

Going forward the MNRF’s role is to confirm that the features on site are consistent with the Operational Standards and the approved site plan.  This will be done by working with the licensee to ensure the final grading of the site matches what is approved on the site plan.  If it doesn’t, a site plan amendment might be required to deviate from what is currently approved.  If this is the case, the proposed changes will, at minimum, be reviewed internally by qualified staff. “

March 15, 2019 - Catastrophic Damage to Trenear Road (Cramahe) Following Flooding

Overnight Friday, March 15, 2019 sections of Trenear Road in Cramahe Township collapsed due to a massive water flow down the road. To date the source of the water has not been confirmed.  Trenear Road is about eight kilometres east of Colborne.  The volume of water coming down the hill was too much and it eroded the road.  In some places, the collapsed area is more than 20-feet deep.  No one was injured and there are no residences along the 1 km stretch of roadway. 

This video was taken by Barbara Ann Murphy on Friday, March 15, 2019. It shows the rushing water coming down the road.

Video Of Water Flowing Down Trenear

Screen Grabs From Video

This Global TV video from March 16, 2019 shows the catastrophic damage to Trenear Road

Global TV Video of Trenear Damage

This video is from a drone that was flown over the Trenear Road damage by Kyle Haig on March 17, 2019

Drone Video of Trenear Road Damage

This is a pictorial summary of the location of Trenear Road, the damage to the road and pictures of the road before the flooding.

Trenear Road Pictorial